When you work at home, you have plenty freedom to design your office to suit your tastes, however you should never let your workplace just blend in with the rest of your home. The way your home office is set up will affect your productivity and mood, and clutter on your desk will block your creativity. If you need some tips to help you to improve your home office, read on and find out how to win back your focus.

Never Mix Home And Work Life

When you have your office at home, you can’t avoid taking work home. So, how can you stop the two from getting in the way of each other? The key is to remove distractions from your workspace. Remove the game console and TV and keep distinct distance between where you work and where you enjoy yourself.

Buy A Good Chair

Never underestimate the importance of a comfortable place to sit when you’re working. Even if you’re on a budget, you still need to invest in the best inexpensive desk chair that you can afford to ensure your comfort during your working day. Back pain is a major problem, so choose an ergonomic design or get a seat support.

Choose Quality Lighting

If you’re working in dim lighting or you’re struggling with an overly bright desk lamp, you’ll never be comfortable while you work. You need plenty of natural sunlight, and for that you need to make sure that you have plenty of windows close by. Lethargy is common in the winter because of the lack of sunlight, while exposure to the sun boosts your mood and helps you to sleep better. If you’re working long nights you need to invest in quality artificial lighting for your workspace.

Reliable Technology

Technology is your best friend, and if you’re always having faults and problems with your printer, PC and connections, you’re sure to get frustrated. Upgrade to a new device and always keep your equipment maintained, backing up your data and running antivirus scans regularly.

Keep It Simple

If you’re finding processes so complex that you’re becoming overwhelmed, it’s time to simplify. Efficiency is the key to having organization, so keep things basic and minimal. Keep clutter to a minimum and keep files on your computer well organized so you can find what you’re searching for quickly.

Expand Your Storage

If documents are starting to pile up it’s time to expand. Clutter means distractions so make your workspace bigger and it will be less messy and cramped. If you can’t expand your working area any more, invest in shelving and filing cabinets so you can sort out your documents more easily.

Add A Personal Touch

Keep sterility at bay by adding personal touches to your working environment. This will boost your mood and give you energy. Whether that means adding plants, photos, posters or enhancing the d├ęcor, you want to enjoy work, so decorate to suit your tastes and you’ll be happier in your home office.